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Character Animator

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Hi! I'm Yuri Gnu

 I grew up in São Paulo, Brasil, where I started studying animation and later entered the industry, where I've been working in animation for the last 7 years.
I have been absolutely in love with animation since I was but a wee child, sitting on the floor, eating chips while watching Tom and Jerry and then fell in love again with 3D animation after watching Tangled. Since then I've been studying, creating personal scenes, buying new rigs to play around with them, just straight up having a blast creating new animations!
Seeing the moment a rig stops being a rig and becomes your character there, living that scene, it's very rewarding!
I'm also a biiiig horror movies and wrestling fan, so hit me up if you ever want to talk The Poughkeepsie Tapes or The New Day!


Vancouver, Canada
+1 (778) 288 9957

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